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 2020-21 Committees

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Executive Committee
Alan Dore Jimmie Boatwright
Cam Lindsey Amy Brasher
Tim Darnell Tony Wade
Chuck Farrell Sherry Boatwright
Michael Rogers  
Annual Reunion
Tony Wade Billy Bob Touchstone
Alex Brennen Dean Sharp
Jettley Walker Rick Thompson
Bob Matteson  Kenny Eatinger, Jr.
Beverly Hall  
Michael Rogers Britt Hammond
Alan Dore Aubrey Ellington
Ron Hancock Kevin McKinney
Cal Calhoun John Kenney
Everett Davis *Cam Lindsey
Sherry Boatwright Beverly Hall 
Karl Sarpalius Kenny Eatinger, Jr.
Dennis Linam Amy Brasher
Van Smith Bubba Tuck
Don Hipp

Chuck Farrell Pat Ledbetter
Van Smith Everett Davis
Kyle Wilkinson Robert Solano
Sherry Boatwright Eugene Boger
Eddie Lee  
Crisis Support
Michael Rogers  Sherry Boatwright
Dean Sharp  Ken Jurden
David Rattan Dr. Kevin Altieri
Benji Adams Beverly Hall
Cal Calhoun  *Membership Cmtee Chair
Tim Darnell Bret Tibbets
Cam Lindsey  David Rattan
  Angelo McClain

ThAssociation President is an Ex-Officio member of all standing committe

The Treasurer is an Ex-Officio member of the Finance Committee.

The Chairman of the Membership is an Ex-Officio member of the Crisis Support Committee.
Appointed Committees

Distinguished Alumni
Jerry Nicholson Tom Novak
Angelo McLain

Distinguished Staff
Daniel Scroggs  Tim Darnell
Tony Wade Lynn Keesee
Alan Dore Dr. Kevin Altieri






 Committee Goals


1         Membership Committee
Goal 1:  Build the Association's database to include 2,000 verified contacts
Goal 2:  Increase Active Membership to 500
Goal 3:  Establish and support ten (10) Regional Coordinators.
Goal 4:  Maintain a voluntary mentorship program for new alumni.
Goal 5:  Support the Legacy Partner Program
2         Finance Committee
Goal 1:  Financial Accounting
A. Assure proper financial controls are in place and adhered to.
B.  Review Finance policy and bylaws to identify need for revisions.
Goal 2:  Finance Reporting
A.  Review finance reports for accuracy and validity
B.   Recommend report changes or corrections, or additional reports to the Treasurer
Goal 3:  Association Budget
A.      Provide a clear and reasonable budget for the association.
B.      Monitor association budget and recommend budgetary changes as necessary.
 Goal 4:  Local Chapters
A.      Assist local chapters with implementing and maintaining financial practices and records as needed.
3         Scholarship Committee
Goal 1:  Help Raise Funds for the Scholarship Program
A.      Promote designated contributions for the Scholarship Program of the Association
B.      Screen previous recipients of scholarships for contributions to the Fund
Goal 2:  Receive and Review all Scholarship Applications and approve applications as appropriate
Goal 3: Work with Scholarship Recipients to assist them in successfully achieving their education goals.
4         Special Needs Committee
Goal 1:  Receive Special Needs Applications and make decisions relative to approval. 
Goal 2:  Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch Cemetery - Work with Cal Farley’s in reviewing the cemetery policies and procedures for:
A.      Properly maintaining the grounds
B.      Providing opportunity for family plots
C.      Providing a map for identifying gravesites
Goal 3:  Enlist at least three new Legacy Partners for each committee member by August 30, 2013.
5         Development Committee
Goal 1:  Promote Legacy Partners
Promote Legacy Partners and educate our board members, committee members, active members and prospective members on the benefits to the Association of full participation in the Legacy Partners program so that there are three new legacy partners for every committee member in the Association by August 30, 2014.
Goal 2:  Find and Develop Sources of Revenue
A.       Work with the Annual Reunion Committee to make the Annual Reunion a means of generating enough revenue for the Annual Budget of the Association by September 2015.
B.      Work with the Veteran Memorial Committee to generate at least $75,000 of outside support for the Memorial by September 1, 2014.
C.      Develop a strategy of raising enough funds to cover the cost of erecting the memorial by September 1, 2015.
Goal 3:  Development Policies
Work with the Executive Director and Board of Directors to develop and adopt policies for the Development Committee.
Goal 4:  Funding the Personnel Costs of the Association via the Foundation
Work with the Foundation Board of Directors to develop a strategy for building the foundation core to adequately fund the personnel costs of the Association by September 1, 2015.
6         Annual Reunion Committee
Goal 1:  Examine and Evaluate the Previous Year Reunions  (11/13)
Goal 2:  Establish guidelines and goals for next reunion based on evaluations (11/13)
Goal 3:  Develop a list of tasks and responsibility descriptions. (12/14)
Goal 4:  Enlist task leaders and committee coordinators for tasks (1/14)
Goal 5:  Provide coordinated over-site for next reunion (2014)



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