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 Foundation Board of Directors

The CFBRAA Foundation was incorporated by CFBRAA in November, 2008.  The initial Board of Directors was elected by the CFBRAA Board of Directors.  According to the Bylaws of the Foundation, additional Board members are elected by the CFBRAA Foundation Board of Directors.  The President of Cal Farley's Boys Ranch Alumni Association is a permanent member of the Foundation Board of Directors.  A majority of the Board of Directors of the Foundation must be active members of Cal Farley's Boys Ranch Alumni Association.


DAVID RATTAN (President)

David Rattan grew up at Cal Farley's Boys Ranch where he lived with his parents from the time he was born until graduating from Boys Ranch High School in 1978. He holds a degree from West Texas State University where he majored in agriculture and was selected as Man of the Year in 1982. David and his wife, Lee Ann, live in the Fort Worth, Texas area where he operates his company, WTXU Business Group




After graduation from Boys Ranch High School in '83, Rodney went to West Texas State University to get a degree in Finance.  His career in the banking industry finally led him to Senior Vice President for commercial loans at First United Bank of Amarillo.  Rodney has served as president of serveral Amarillo area non-profit organizations, and, in 2009 he was elected to the Board of Directors of Cal Farley's Inc, where he now serves as Chairman of the Board.  Rodney is a charter member of the Cal Farley's Alumni Association Foundation and a Founding Legacy Partner, and the 2014 Distinguished Alumni of Cal Farley's and the Alumni Assn. 


Bobby is a 1967 graduate of Cal Farley's, also receiving degrees from Hardin-Simmons University and both his Masters and Doctorate from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  Bobby was a pastor for 20 years.  He served as the first Executive Director of the Cal Farley's Boys Ranch Alumni Association and currently serves as the Special Assistant to the President of Cal Farley's, Inc for Alumni Relations.  Bobby and his wife Cindy live in Hurst, Texas.


  Danny Needham is an attorney in Amarillo, Texas, with the law firm of Mullin, Hoard & Brown, LLP. He graduated from West Texas State University and then attended law school at Texas Tech University where he was a member of the Texas Tech Law Review. Danny grew up in Amarillo, is married and has four children. He is a past President of the Amarillo Bar Association and has been a board member and board chairman of numerous civic organizations in Amarillo and remains active in many legal organizations. Having spent his entire life in the Texas panhandle, Danny is very familiar with Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch and is a supporter of its mission and goals and the many contributions made by its graduates. 



Michael grew up at Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch where he lived for 5 years in Lutz Dorm until1971. He continues to serve on the CFBRAA BOD since 2005 and also served as President of CFBRAA for 3 terms. Michael helped form the Foundation and served, as it’s first President while he was serving as CFBRAA President. Michael lives in Ocala, FL with his wife Cynthia and has 3 children and 2 grandchildren. With15 years of service, he serves as National Director – Engineered Products for Gemaire Distributors a national company, and a subsidiary of WATSCO, publically held NYSE Company – WSO. Michael has served in many capacities related both to 501(c) 3 organizations and business related boards, including Co-Chair for United Way Fund Raising, LSU - Scholarship Board of Directors, ACCA (Air Conditioning Contractors of America) as President for 3 terms, along with other community and ministry boards


After graduation from Texas Tech, Guy Finstad taught Agriculture Education and was manager of the farm and ranch program at Cal Farley Boys Ranch from 1961 to 1981. He developed the additional land purchased in 1966 to increase production of hay and other developments of the feedlot, garden, increased the supply of pasteurized milk, beef, pork, canned vegetables, and honey to feed the ranch of about 500 people. In 1981 he and his wife, Geneva moved to Austin to work for state senator Bill Sarpalius. In 1989 they moved to Washington, DC to work for Congressman Bill Sarpalius. Guy then served as executive Director of Texas Agriculture Teachers Association back in Austin for the next eleven years. Guy retired in 2001 and he and Geneva are enjoying life on their ranch in Cranfills Gap with their family. They have ten grandchildren and seven great grandchildren. 


Chuck Farrell attended the Ranch in 1958/59. He departed the Ranch in January 1960 to enter the U. S. Army. His initial assignment was as a Heavy Equipment Operator .....a skill that he acquired as a Boys Rancher.
Farrell applied to and was accepted to Army Helicopter Flight School in 1967. He won his wings in 1968 and spent the rest of his Army Career as a Rotary and Fixed Wing Aviator. He earned a BS in Aviation Science from Embry Riddle University. He retired from the military in 1984. He spent the next 19 years as a Captain and Instructor Pilot at several major airlines. Seven more years were spent in corporate aviation prior to retiring in 2010.
Farrell was selected for the Distinguished Alumni Award in 2011. He is currently serving as the Chairman of the CFBRAA Scholarship Committee and and a member of the BOD.





 Foundation History

In February of 2008 the Cal Farley's Boys Ranch Alumni Association Board of Directors initiated the steps to creating a Foundation for the purpose of endowing support for the services of CFBRAA.  In November of 2008 the CFBRAA Board of Directors elected Bill Sarpalius and Rodney Ruthart as Directors of the CFBRAA Foundation.  They also approved the motion that the president of the Alumni Association would also serve on the Board of Directors of the Foundation.  Hence Michael Rogers was also elected to the Board of Directors of the Foundation.

Foundation Bylaws and incorporation applications were filed with the State of Texas and in December of 2009 the Foundation was officially incorporated.  The Foundation received it's official Employer Identification Number in January of 2010.  The Articles of Incorporation were approved in February of 2010.  On July 19th, 2010 the Foundation received the IRS determination letter identifying the CFBRAA Foundation as a 501 (c) (3) organization. 

The Foundation account became the repository for restricted fund of CFBRAA as these were moved to the Foundation account.  Restricted funds included those designated for the Wyman Owens Scholarship Fund, the Garland and Shirly Rattan Scholarship Fund and "Founding Legacy Partners" designated funds for endowing the Association.

In June 2010 Bobby Sarpalius was elected by the Board of Directors as a Board member. This was done so Bobby could speak for the Board of Directors in matters concerning the Foundation.  The By Laws were amended at this time requiring a majority of the members of the Board of Directors of the Foundation to be active CFBRAA members.



 Foundation Board Only


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