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Much of what we are able to do as an Association is possible because of those who help sponsor special events. Our ability to help fellow alumni, support our former home and hold reunions would not be possible without the generous contributions of these companies and individuals. Please express your gratitude and support

Sponsor of the Annual Meeting
Jimmie & Sherry Boatwright

Legacy Golf Tournament
TD Construction
Tim Darnell

Sponsor of the Legendary Picnic
Angelo McClain

Hole-In-One Sponsor - Tenth Year
Thank You Rodney Ruthart



Consumer Supply Co-op
The Plants Hair Restoration
Patrick Weir
Steve & Beverly Hall
Jordan and Cam Lindsey
Billy Hanson
Tom and Lori Novak
The Sarpalius Brothers

Other Contributors

Ben E. Keith's
Pepsi Cola



CFBRAA was chartered to carry on the work begun in the lives of troubled kids by Cal Farley's Boys Ranch.  It has grown to include former residents of Girlstown.  The Charter identifies the purpose as:

1 - To supply aid and assistance in promoting the growth of Cal Farley's Boys Ranch and the accomplishment of the objectives as set out in its Articles of Incorporation;

 2 - To create and promote a closer relationship between its (Cal Farley's) former students and to facilitate a quicker and easier adjustment for its graduates and other former students to community life.

The Association works to provide assistance for former residents of BR and GT: (a) in crisis support, (b) in education for family members, and (c) in maintaining family ties.  Further the Association seeks to promote and support the work of Cal Farley's Inc 

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  Well this hasn't happened in a coons age, but then again, there are a whole lot of things happening now that haven't happened in our life times.

Unfortunantly, the pandemic has added another event to its victims.  With the gathering restrictions, the Rodeo canceled, and the survey results taken among our alumni, the BOD of the CFBRAA has voted to cancel the 2020 Annual Reunon. 

There are a lot of Alumni Association activities affected by this cancellation.  1, We will not be able to have the silent auction which has been the primary source of funds for our Crisis Support service.  2. We will have to postpone recognizing our Distinguished Staff and Alumni until next year.  3. We will need to encourage alumni to renew their annual dues via social media and emails.  4. The general budget will be significantly impacted.  We will need to make adjustments.  5. We will need to schedule more regional gatherings across the country when we can finally "gather" again.  6. We need to work doubly hard to make the 2021 Alumni Reunion Twice as good as any reunion we have ever had.  

   CFBRAA is YOUR Alumni Association.  We exist to serve one another and support the continued work of our home in caring for and raising the alumni of the future.  Cancelling the 2020 Reunioin is a setback in what we have been working to accomplish in Legacy Partners, Funding Crisis Support, Building "Family" ties.  Please look for ways to keep the good work we get to do going.

   Two things to look ahead to.

First, we are hoping to have a Picnic in Amarillo on the Columbus Day weekend (October 10-12).  We will keep you informed.

Second, you will be receiving an email to elect new BOD members for the coming year.  If you have any nominations, please forward them to the CFBRAA office  If you are not getting emails from your Alumni Association, you might want to simply send an email to the office so your address can be included.

   We will continue to serve one another.  Thank you for supporting the good work of the CFBRAA in these difficult times.


If you have recommendations or questions, please let us know




 Pay Your Dues Here!!

We were not able to have the Reunion, but we continue to do Good Work for alumni, their families and our former home.
This year we will make our second payment towards our $10K contribution to Cal Farley's to build the new Ag Barn.
We currently have 10 students receiving scholarships from the CFBRAA.
We just helped a Rancher and his family pay their monthly bills while he recovers in the hospital from a freek accident.
Your Alumni Association does some very good work.  It is done beause you care and participate.
The annual dues continue to be just $20 / year.  We did not have a reunion this year so dues will need to be paid online or via mail.  
Or you can mail your dues to:
603 Sunlight Dr.
Arlington, TX  76006
Thank you for being a part of the
Good Work

of Your

"Carrying on His Work."
The annual Gun Raffle will be held again this year, and it is more imporatant to the work of the CFBRAA than ever.  We really need your participation and support.  If you can:
  1 Purchase a Raffle Ticket; 
2 Get family or friends to purchase tickets
3 Work with Tony Wade at one of the sites where we sell raffle tickets
4 Purchase another raffle ticket,
Please contact Tony Wade to get the details and let him know of your 
 willingness to help.
(806) 584-1029

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 Leaving a Legacy



   The Cal Farley's Boys Ranch Alumni Association Foundation (CFBRAAF) was established to Carry On His Work to Future Generations.  We have all been recipients of the gifts of others, and we are committed to being, not just takers, but givers.  The Foundation has been the key to the long-term effective service of Cal Farley's.  While many other child care institutions have come and gone, Cal Farley's has been stable and effective through all kinds of economic changes, primarily because of the foundation Cal Farley established.  The Alumni Association has followed that example and established a foundation to carry on the good work done by past and present former Ranchers to future generations.

    In the first five years, 84 contributors became Founding Legacy Partners.  They established the foundation for the foundation.  Since that time, all donors who contribute at least $1,000 over a five-year period becomes a Legacy Partner.  You can see to the left additional levels of Legacy Partnerships.

   Another way to leave a legacy is by making a benefactor gift commitment.  Some former Ranchers have named the CFBRAAF in their will to carry on the work.  The following link takes you to a form you can use to set up a Benefactor Gift Commitment to the Alumni Association Foundation.  

    We have all been blessed, some much more than others.  We have benefited by the generosity of those who have left a legacy, folks we will only be able to thank in glory.  Now it's our turn to leave a legacy to future generations.  Won't you leave a legacy too?  

Click here for Legacy Level details.

1 - Founding Legacy Partners
2 -Partners in Memory / Honor
3 -Legacy Levels of Partners




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