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 About CFBRAA Membership

1.   Any boy, girl, or staff child who resided at Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch or Girls Town USA, who has paid his or her annual dues is entitled to be a voting member in Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch Alumni Association. (Article I, Section 1, CFBRAA Bylaws) Current Boys Ranch or Girls Town residents are not eligible for membership until the spring of their impending graduation.

2.   Associate and Honorary membership shall be based on the CFBRAA Bylaws, Article 1, Sections 2 and 3).

3.   CFBRAA shall reserve the right to verify all claims related to the membership residency requirement.

4.   No person shall be denied membership in the Alumni Association because of race, religion, sex or ethnic background.

Privileges of Membership

1. Voting members shall be entitled to the following:

2.  Any voting, associate or honorary member in good standing is entitled to all of 
   the following:

a.   May vote on referendum issues pertaining to the Association.
b.   May serve on the Board of Directors or committees of the Association, when 
         appointed or elected.
a.   May attend all regularly scheduled meetings of the Association.
b.   May take advantage of alumni discount rates and special programs, as 
c.   Are invited to alumni association activities, as applicable.
d.   Shall receive appropriate mailings of the Association.


   e.   Shall have access to emails of all alumni for whom this information is available.

Local Chapters

Charters for affiliates of the Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch Alumni Association shall be issued by the Board of Directors. No alumni chapter bearing the name of the Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch Alumni Association shall be recognized without being duly recognized. 

The Board of Directors reserves the right to pursue all necessary remedies to protect the name and identity of the association, and is duty bound to do so.

A local or regional affiliate must identify a minimum of five members in good standing with the Cal Farley’s Boys Ranch Alumni Association who express the desire to establish a chapter. The said members shall sign a petition of intent to establish an affiliate and shall file the same with the secretary who shall verify the standing of all members. The board shall issue a provisional charter which shall be valid for one year from the date of issue.

It is the objective of CFBRAA to keep dues at $20.  You may pay your dues online via PayPal (click here).  You may choose to send a check for your dues.  Please mail your check (Payable to CFBRAA) to to following address:

Cal Farley's Boys Ranch Alumni Association
ATTN:  Membership Dues
P.O. Box 9435
Amarillo, Texas  79105







Membership Eligibility

 Cal Farley's Boys Ranch Alumni Association  -  PO Box 9435  -  Amarillo, TX  79105  -  (806) 655-3884  -

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