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Much of what we are able to do as an Association is possible because of those who help sponsor special events.  Our ability to help fellow alumni, support our former home and hold reunions would not be possible without the generous contributions of these companies and individuals.  Please express your gratitude and support

Sponsor of the Annual Meeting
Jimmie Boatwright
in Memory of Laura

Sponsor of the Legendary Picnic
WTXU Energy
Thank you David Rattan

Hole-In-One Sponsor - Fifth Year
Thank You Rodney Ruthart

 Long Drive Contest Sponsor  - Second Year
AdPow, INC 
Thank You Greg Adams and Barry Powell

Tiger Hole Sponsor - Third Year
Thank you Daniel Scroggs

Sixth Year
Hand Made Boots for Auction

Fourth Year
Silent Auction Gift 


Cross Pointe Auto
Auto Connection
Brinlee's Automotive

Chuck Farrell - Memory of Lamont
Frances Waldrip
Bobby & Cindy Sarpalius
Cam Lindsey
Michael Rogers
Amy Brasher - Memory of Lefty Adams
David and Debra Rodgers
Guy & Geneva Finstad
Robert Leming
Mark & Kathleen Embry
Chis Bawcom
Ricky Smith
Jim Canada
Bobby Shaw
Bill Sarpalius
Tom Maynard

 2013-14 Alumni Gatherings

  • Southern Calif - Sept 28, 13
  • Portland, OR - Oct 2, 13
  • Northern Calif - Oct 5, 13
  • Kent Island, MD - Postponed
  • Dallas - Feb 8, 14
  • Houston, Mar 1, 14
  • Memphis - Mar 14-16, 14
  • San Antonio - Apr 12, 14
  • DFW Golf Tournament-May 17,14
  • Oklahoma City - May 24, 13
  • West Texas/Girlstown - Jun 14, 14
  • Albuquerque
  • Annual Reunion - Aug 29-31, 14




Texas Star Golf Course
Euless, TX

Saturday - May 17th

   Last year Kipp Burnett put together a little golf tournament at Texas Star and helped raise nearly $2,000 for the Scholarship Fund.  This year the Association is going all out with this event and hoping to raise 20 times that amount for Scholarships, Special Needs and Legacy Partners.  This is the biggest fund-raising event the Association has ever undertaken.  And it can't happen without a lot of help.

   Right now about 20 Alumni are sending out letters to everyone they know encouraging them to make donations to support the above causes.  This is the primary means of making this event a fund-raiser.  We could use twice as many people sending letters. 

   We also need sponsors for the event.  That includes hole sponsors and event sponsors.  If you know of a company that might want to sponsor this event at any level, let Bobby Sarpalius know and he will contact them, or have them contact Bobby (817) - 788-8782;

   Finally we need golfers.  If you play or know someone who plays, sign up to participate in the event.  Texas Star is a premire golf course in Texas and we have the course on a Saturday afternoon.  Green fees of $100 include supper and prizes.  We are hoping to have 100 golfers, but that won't happen if we aren't all participating and getting others to do so.

   So, what can I do to help CFBRAA raise thousands of dollars for Scholarships, Special Needs and Legacy Partners?

   Glad you asked.  1) Make a list of names and addresses to whom you can send information about the event.  Include business you deal with, friends, distant cousins...etc.  2)  Contact Bobby Sarpalius for brouchers and information about how to support and participate in the event, or click on the link below and print your own copies of this information.  3)  Sign up to play in the tournament and put together a team if you can.  4) Don't play golf...we need volunteers to help run the tournament.  Need to be at the golf course by 1:45 p.m. on Saturday the 17th.  

   Click Here for Event Brochure, Forms and information.  Print what you need and SPREAD THE WORD


Alumni Veterans Memorial T-Shirts

Click this link to order your T-Shirt.  The more ordered, the greater percentage goes to fund the memorial at BR.

$1,636 raised so far!


We will use this column to keep you informed about news, as we get it in Bobby's office (, on what's going on with the alumni of Boys Ranch and Girlstown as well as happenings at Cal Farley's  If you have news to share, send it in.  

Services for Gary Giles are scheduled for Boxwell Brothers Funeral Home on Paramont in Amarillo at 11 a.m. Wednesday, April 23rd.


Nominations are being received for Distinguished Staff and Distinguished Alumni.  The committees will review the nominations in April and bring a recommendation to the Board of Directors.  If you would like to nominate some for Distingusihed Alumni, click here for the Nomination form.  To nominate Distinguished Staff, click here.  See below, left for links both to these forms and the procedures for nomination and election.  The presentations will be made at the 2014 Annual Meeting on August 30th.  


 The following recently paid their dues and either became members of the Alumni Association or renewed their active membership:

Brad Golden,  Joe Flippin,  
Stanley Rasmussen,  Jerry Roberts,
Mark Weisbecker,  Marc Ziolkowski,
Cy Garnett

Remember it's not simply being an alumnus of BR or GT that makes you an active participant in the work the Association does to help one another.  It involves support and commitment.  Thank you to those who actively support the Good Work CFBRAA is doing. 


 The Association recently helped the widow of one of our recently depated alumni and she sent a thank you letter that included the following:
“To Whom this may concern,
...I want to thank Cl Farley's and all who were involved in helping me with my rent.  It sure helped keep a roof over our home in this time of my husband's death.  It's been very hard and will probably be for a while.  But my tow boys and I thank you Very Very much and Gold bless all of you."
Active Members of CFBRAA -
You do good work!

Photo Galleries & CFBRAA Calendar
Thank you again to Jim Calhoun for taking pictures of the Central Texas Gathering, and to Jerry Nicholson for posting them in the Photo Gallery.  Check them out by clicking on "Photo Gallery" above.  Must be logged in to see this option.

BR Veterans Memorial
The Alumni Association is going to build a memorial at BR to honor those who served in the military and, in particular, those who gave their lives in service to our country. Click on "Veterans Memorial" on the menu bar above for full information and how you can participate.






 All Stars


The Association has adopted a new Legacy Partners program for the purpose of funding future service CFBRAA provides for alumni.  The program promotes monthly contributions and participation in the Legacy Partnership program, funding the Foundation.  Levels of participation are:

Member - $20 / year  -  membership card

Sustaining Member - $5 /month (to the operating budget)

Star Legacy Partner - $20 /mo - $1,000 - Plaque

Silver Legacy Partner - $50 /mo - $3,000 - Plaque

Gold Legacy Partner - $100 /mo - $6,000 - Plaque
                    & Option to purchase Ring 

Platinum Legacy Partner - $200 /mo - $12,000
                            Plaque & Ring

Emerald Legacy Partner - $500 / mo - $30,000
                            Plaque, Ring, Award

Diamond Legacy Partner - $10,000 in a year - Plaque 

The first $40 of all individual contribution will go to the operating fund.  All other contributions, unless otherwise designated, will go to the Legacy Partner's Operating Fund of the CFBRAA Foundation.

Designated contributions to the foundation for the three mission support causes of the Association: Support for Cal Farley's, Scholarships or Special Needs, will count towards Legacy Partner Contributions.

To become a Legacy Partner:  
(1) Contact your bank and set up an automatic, monthly payment to CFBRAA - PO Box 9435 - Amarillo, TX  79105; or
(2) Contact the Executive Director ( to get the account & routing numbers of the Assn account to give to your bank for electronic transfers, or 
(3) Go to "Online Giving" above and set up an automatic monthly charge to your credit card via PayPal; or
(4) Send a monthly donation to CFBRAA - PO Box 9435 - Amarillo, TX  79105.



 Founding Legacy Partners


What is the future of Cal Farley's Alumni Assn.? What will WE accomplish?  What will WE leave behind?  What will be OUR LEGACY?
For every one of us who went to BR or GT, there were 15 or 20 who applied but could not get in. Where are they now?  God knows.  And but for the grace of God and the generosity of others we would probable not be where we are today.  Many of us benefited from the legacy left by others.
Now it's Our Turn to Leave a Legacy!
Boys Ranch was built on the small and consistent gifts of people across the country.  There have been many large gifts and these have been valuable.  But the small and regular gifts have been the food and electric bills for decades.
The Association Legacy Partners Program provides opportunity and encouragement for many of us to be regular consistent supporters of some very important work.  The Scholarships, the Crisis Support, the Reunions and the Support of alumni through Cal Farley's requires regular, consistant support by many partners.
The Founding Legacy Partners are those who contribute at least $1,000 to the Legacy Partners by June 30th, 2015.  All who participate as regular contributors to the work of CFBRAA are Legacy Partners and will be recognized and encouraged at the various levels noted on the All Star Levels tab of this web site.


 Cal Farley's Boys Ranch Alumni Association  -  PO Box 9435  -  Amarillo, TX  79105  -  (817) 788-8782  -

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