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Much of what we are able to do as an Association is possible because of those who help sponsor special events. Our ability to help fellow alumni, support our former home and hold reunions would not be possible without the generous contributions of these companies and individuals. Please express your gratitude and support

Sponsor of the Annual Meeting
Jimmie Boatwright
in Memory of Laura

Sponsor of the Legendary Picnic
Chuck & Becky Farrell

Hole-In-One Sponsor - Seventh Year
Thank You Rodney Ruthart

Long Drive Contest Sponsor

Hole-In-One Prize Sponsor



Cross Pointe Auto
Auto Connection
Brinlee's Automotive
Covenant Motors
Gene Messer Ford
Matco Tools
Rex Young Insurance Agency
Midtown Motors
Caviness Beef Packers
Ray's Auto Plaza

Chuck Farrell
Bobby & Cindy Sarpalius
Jordan & Cam Lindsey
David and Debra Rodgers
Mark & Kathleen Embry
Don Brecht
Steve & Beverly Hall
Dean Sharp
Frances Waldrip
Michael & Cynthia Rogers
Other Contributors

KUSH Radio
Lance Snacks

2015 - 16 Alumni Gatherings/Events

  • Dallas - Feb 13, 2016
  • Florida - April 8-9, 2016
  • Memphis - Mar 18-20, 2016
  • DFW Golf - May 16, 2016
  • Girlstown - June 11, 2016



CFBRAA was chartered to carry on the work begun in the lives of troubled kids by Cal Farley's Boys Ranch.  It has grown to include former residents of Girlstown.  The Charter identifies the purpose as:

1 - To supply aid and assistance in promoting the growth of Cal Farley's Boys Ranch and the accomplishment of the objectives as set out in its Articles of Incorporation;

 2 - To create and promote a closer relationship between its (Cal Farley's) former students and to facilitate a quicker and easier adjustment for its graduates and other former students to community life.

The Association works to provide assistance for former residents of BR and GT: (a) in crisis support, (b) in education for family members, and (c) in maintaining family ties.  Further the Association seeks to promote and support the work of Cal Farley's Inc.






First Responders Foursome Winners

   The fourth annual Schoalrship Fundraiser golf tournament was held on May 16th at the Texas Star golf course in Euless, TX.  While the participation was down, the effective results were tremendous.  Reminds me of Churchill's famous know it.  Very few did a lot.  Thank you Cindy Sarpalius and your sister, Susan Mareburger for working with David Rattan, Cam Lindsey and Sherry Roberts to run the event.  Thank you much to Tyler Richardson and Mackenzie Rattan, scholarship students who gave up their day to work and express gratitude to the participants.  Thank you Mack Sanders for helping pull the event together and getting a tournament sponsor.  And a most grateful thank you to Chuck Farrell who worked for months to secure donations from over 70 people totaling over $27K.  Only five other donated or secured donors for the event, but the results were a net to the Scholarhip Fund of over $32K.  

While that sounds like a lot, and it really is, more than double what we raised last year, it is scholarships for only 8 students.  We currently have 11 students on scholarship and 5 new applications have already been received for the fall.  We still have much to do.

Boardwalk Maserati was the local tournament sponsor.  Chuck Farrell and his brother, Kevin Farrell were also tournament sponsors.  Pete Jackson, an Honorary Member of the Association, was a Platinum Sponsor along with Terry Smithand Glen Cheshire.  Silver level sponsors were Henley Baptist Church, Bob Roney, Ron and Barbra Hoover and JJ Beltz.  

There were 20 First Responders participating in the event and 7 alumni were among the other golfers.  The weather was great and the day was most enjoyable.  The real winners were the students.  Thank you much for all who served and gave


We will use this column to keep you informed about news, as we get it in Bob's office (, on what's going on with the alumni of Boys Ranch and Girlstown as well as happenings at Cal Farley's If you have news to share, send it in:

John Gee McMillan ('61) passed away in Clovis, NM on Monday, May 9th.  Services in Clovis but not determined yet.

Earl Jordan('66) passed away on April 23 in San Angelo, TX.  Services will be held  at St. Paul Presbyterian Church, 11 N. Park St., San Angelo, TX, on Tuesday, at 11:00 A.M.  He will be buried at Boys Ranch.  Click here for obituary



   Twenty-four Ex-Ranchers and family members gathered at the home of Michael & Cynthia Rogers in Ocala, FL on Saturday, April 9th for the Florida Gathering.  It turned out to be a Lutz reunion as most of those there were from that dorm.  The most notable exception was Darlene Bechtold, a '69 graduate of Girlstown.  Michael did an incredible job of preparing and providing, including special entertainment by country singer Jayc Harold.  Click here for pictures from the event.

   The gathering was especially enhanced by the presence of Mike Pacino, Cheree Guilliam and Danyel Parkhurst who drove all the way from Amarillo & Boys Ranch to be with us for the event.  Their participation exemplifies the valued relationship between Cal Farley's and the Association.  It was extremely valuable to have them!

    The gathering around the fire, sharing stories and laughing is what makes these events so valued.  The fishing (not so much catching, but fishing) was a most enjoyable afternoon.  Danyel was the champ of the day, having been the one who actually "caught" a fish. Having David & Debbie Rodgers come from Carlsbad, NM, and then driving up to Jacksonville to bring Arnold and Carol Bennett to the event is an example of this treasured fellowship.  Good times with good people!


Feb. 13th 2016   CFBRAA Dallas Gathering


CFBRAA President David Rodgers

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 Legacy Partners


The Association has adopted a new Legacy Partners program for the purpose of funding future service CFBRAA provides for alumni.  The program promotes monthly contributions and participation in the Legacy Partnership program, funding the Foundation.  Levels of participation are:

Member - $20 / year  -  membership card

Sustaining Member - $5 /month (to the operating budget)

Star Legacy Partner - $20 /mo - $1,000 - Plaque

Silver Legacy Partner - $50 /mo - $3,000 - Plaque

Gold Legacy Partner - $100 /mo - $6,000 - Plaque
                    & Option to purchase Ring 

Platinum Legacy Partner - $200 /mo - $12,000
                            Plaque & Ring

Emerald Legacy Partner - $500 / mo - $30,000
                            Plaque, Ring, Award

Diamond Legacy Partner - $10,000 in a year - Plaque 

The first $40 of all individual contribution will go to the operating fund.  All other contributions, unless otherwise designated, will go to the Legacy Partner's Operating Fund of the CFBRAA Foundation.

Designated contributions to the foundation for the three mission support causes of the Association: Support for Cal Farley's, Scholarships or Special Needs, will count towards Legacy Partner Contributions.

To become a Legacy Partner:  
(1) Contact your bank and set up an automatic, monthly payment to CFBRAA - PO Box 9435 - Amarillo, TX  79105; or
(2) Contact the Executive Director ( to get the account & routing numbers of the Assn account to give to your bank for electronic transfers, or 
(3) Go to "Online Giving" above and set up an automatic monthly charge to your credit card via PayPal; or
(4) Send a monthly donation to CFBRAA - PO Box 9435 - Amarillo, TX  79105.



 Leaving a Legacy



   The Cal Farley's Boys Ranch Alumni Association Foundation (CFBRAAF) was established to Carry On His Work to Future Generations.  We have all been recipients of the gifts of others, and we are committed to being, not just takers, but givers.  The Foundation has been the key to the long-term effective service of Cal Farley's.  While many other child care institutions have come and gone, Cal Farley's has been stable and effective through all kinds of economic changes, primarily because of the foundation Cal Farley established.  The Alumni Association has followed that example and established a foundation to carry on the good work done by past and present former Ranchers to future generations.

    In the first five years, 84 contributors became Founding Legacy Partners.  They established the foundation for the foundation.  Since that time, all donors who contribute at least $1,000 over a five year period becomes a Legacy Partner.  You can seen to the left additional levels of Legacy Partnerhips.

   Another way to leave a legacy is by making a benefactor gift commitment.  Some former Ranchers have named the CFBRAAF in their will to carry on the work.  The following link takes you to a form you can use to set up a Benefactor Gift Commitment to the Alumni Association Foundation.  

    We have all been blessed, some much more than others.  We have benefited by the generosity of those who have left a legacy, folks we will only be able to thank in glory.  Now it's our turn to leave a legacy to future generations.  Won't you leave a legacy too?




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